About Us

n kindergarten, Show and Tell was my favorite day of the week. Probably because I like to talk (a lot) and I had an impressive collection of Beanie Babies. The teachers made us follow a basic structure of “who/what/where/when/why/how” to keep our stories going in the right direction.

Turns out, kindergarten teachers knew what they were doing; using the same structure, you can share your story on your About Us page with everything your visitors need to know. So keep these five W’s in mind when writing the content for your About Us page:

…is your team? Who had the idea in the very beginning, who is in charge now, what kind of people work there? If you are connected with non-profit organizations, what do they do and why do you care? You can also use this section to plug in a “We’re Hiring!” link with open positions—if the About Our Team content is engaging, hopefully a prospect will want to join the party.

If you are blazing your own trail and offering something brand new, this is SO important. Your branding could be amazing, your website design engaging, but if I can’t understand what it is you are offering, I’m going to abandon your site and never look back. However, if your service is retail (i.e. Brandy Melville, Kate Spade, Tobi), I think we all know what you do. Feel free to move along.

Rent the Runway does an amazing job at explaining what they do—the company’s About Us page is totally comprehensive—and I especially love the graphic they use to explain their service. Renting high-end dresses? Sign me up.

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